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SpineFit Rehab and Wellness is pleased to announce that we now have a doctor-supervised weight loss program! Most people safely and easily lose 20-35 pounds and 15-20 inches (2-3 sizes) within 6 weeks! No shakes, pre-packaged food, no HcG or intense exercise.  This program is designed to shed unwanted pounds while teaching you how to take control of your health.  Muscle mass is maintained while body fat is burned.

You will learn how to eat proper nutritious and delicious food, proper portions, control cravings, decrease or eliminate emotional eating, and detoxify.  Most people report increased energy, better sleep, decreased acid reflux and heart burn, less joint pain, feel better and report increased self-esteem and feel better about how they look.  On this program blood sugars are improved, blood fats improve, blood pressure goes down and inflammation is decreased.

After a person has reached their ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) or their goal weight we teach you how to maintain it to eliminate yo-yo dieting.

 Contact us for a complimentary, no obligation consultation to see if our program is right for you!  Ask us about our 20 pound guarantee.

Hankin Before:

Hankin After 6 weeks. He lost 38.25 lbs and 20 inches!

Jason Before:

Jason After 6 weeks. Lost 31 lbs and 18 inches!

Lorraine Before:

Lorraine After 10 months. Lost 99.5 lbs and 91 inches!

Amanda Before:

Amanda After 3 months. Lost 62.5 lbs and 51.75 inches!